Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge

Our Projects, Wild and Inspired...

Wild Spirit Projects

The focus of our life at Wild Spirit is simple: We invite guests into our extended family home, which we have opened to all as a friendly communally run backpackers. As committed environmentalists, we are constantly exploring ways in which to live lightly upon our Earth, treating the environment which supports us with the respect and care that it deserves. As such, current and future projects on the farm are geared towards self-sustainable living in its entirety. These include permaculture gardening, the development of a biogas digester and grey water catchment system, a bio-fuel ring main for water heating, removal of alien vegetation and introduction of water-wise, indigenous and medicinal wild flowers. Our guests are encouraged to participate in these initiatives as part of their experience here.

Volunteering on the Farm.

We encourage travellers with a bit of extra time on their hands to explore various options for skills-based volunteer work on the land and in the business. We run this on the basis of an 'energy exchange' system, whereby we provide meals and/or camping accommodation depending on the amount of time spent working each day.

Work options include: reception and bar, front of house work, cooking, gardening, bush & alien-tree clearing, digging, or helping with renovations and current projects. For those interested in committing to a month or longer, talk to us about the opportunity of being involved - an amazing experience of community and country living in paradise, with all the associated challenges and rewards!

Send an email to volunteer@wildspiritlodge.co.za for more information.

Environmental Projects.

We are continually exploring ways to lower our carbon footprint by reducing, re-using and recycling our waste on the farm. The Wild Spirit up-cycling drive is a project in constant motion, with many facets ranging from creative building practices to the selling of second hand clothes in our Wild Shop – a space which encourages local, handmade, socially conscious products.

This shop forms part of our conscious consumerism initiative, which aims to generate awareness around the ethics behind our purchases and the effect this has both on the people that produce them and the natural environment in general. Knowing where your purchase comes from and buying fair-trade, organic, free-range, seasonal and locally produced products are some of the ways in which you can shop ethically and lower your carbon footprint. Once informed, you can make your choice by 'voting with your purse'.

The principle behind consuming consciously is to create a world in which we as individuals actively take responsibility for our own buying choices, using this economic power to make statements which reflect our values. Purchasing consumer items second-hand forms an integral part of promoting this philosophy of up-cycling, which involves a range of possibilities for creatively re-using and re-circulating resources. We are always eager to share our knowledge and skills, and in return, we welcome your creative suggestions and sharing of new ideas!

The Barefoot University Programme meets the Health and Wellness Peace Centre

These sister initiatives are very close to our hearts and are the foundation for the ultimate vision we are working towards on our farm. The focus is centered around creating a space for alternative education and healing through the practice of 'Earthing'. Loosely translated, Earthing involves the practice of working with and on the earth in a present, respectful, harmonious manner, taking care of all life forms as we learn to take responsibility for, and care of, our own human needs and health.

This vision will involve building an off the grid retreat space and permaculture research centre where guests can participate in workshops, courses, events, and other learning and healing modalities in a relaxed, balanced, natural setting. Workshops will vary in theme from alternate energy, permaculture design and natural farming courses to yoga, biodanza and holistic nutrition retreats. Workshop facilitators will be invited from all over the world to share their teachings and skills with dynamic, conscious participants who are craving alternate solutions to the mainstream culture and norms of the western 'rat-race'. Watch this space and contact Jenny or Ola if you want to get involved!